it’s what we need to grow… this adversity we face, in life, and within ourselves, is here to help us level up

but why does it need to seem so bad in the present moment?

why is it that it seems to be some unshakable, impenetrable force that’s trying to hold us back, keep us down

when generally, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a tiny butterfly flapping its wings next to us – showing us the beauty and where we need to go

we always make the smallest of situations, or hardships, seem like the largest

it’s human nature…¬†
but it doesn’t have to be…
as we have a choice

we can choose to perceive¬†the situation differently…
we can choose to know and believe that this too shall pass…
and that, if we decide so, what we’re battling right now won’t matter in a years time

but only if you choose to see the light, and believe that things will change…

as that belief will instill an air of confidence… and air of confidence that brings with it the winds of massive action & change

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