Step Outside Of Yourself…

You think you’re the centre of the universe…

But don’t worry, everybody else does as well

This is my time you’re taking up…
That was my food you just ate…
This is my house and my television set

And so, when we get placed in situations where we feel frustrated, it’s always somebody else’s fault

Why does everyone else have to want to go shopping for food when I do… sound familiar?

Well, perhaps they’re thinking the same thing…

Perhaps this is the only time they can due to them having to work three jobs to pay the bills…

Or maybe it’s the first time they’ve been able to this week as they’ve been in hospital at their sick spouses/parents bedside

The lesson, we’re not the centre of the universe

And being conscious of others… 
“Waking up” from subconsciousness and the mindless “drone” of life

Is when you’ll truly come alive and see all the beauty there is to life

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