Total Darkness…

The brain lives in total darkness… it never see’s the light
It’s in total silence… it never hears the sounds
But what it does do, is react to stimulus… to light waves and sound waves… and transmits these into chemical & electrical signals
it does the same with photons on our eyes…
But our “experience”, it’s happening in our minds…
And the funniest thing, we all have two “blind spots” in the direct centre of our eyes, where the optic nerve connects… 
And yet we never experience it… even though it’s dead bang in the centre
Yet our brain is insanely good at “guessing” what should be there that it  fills it in
So in essence, it’s lying to you… 
It may have the best intentions in the world & always have your best interest at heart… but it truly is making stuff up as it goes
And so, in essence, what we choose to see and the story we choose to tell ourselves and think about will, in turn, become our realities

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