Give All Of Yourself

I am incredibly blessed and incredibly fulfilled to be living my dream at the moment… to have found my purpose, and be exuding it in everything I do

Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a phenomenal 17yr old young athlete… an athlete who’s been at the grandest of heights and has accumulated 100 medals over their journey so far

But something was missing, motivation had been lacking since the beginning of this year… and a tough exterior was on show – a false facade telling the story “it’s okay, I don’t mind”

But we dug deeper, and what we found was beautiful…

we found tears. we found emotion. we found passion. we found┬áit – the reason

And many won’t see the beauty here – but we found “her”… we found the fear, we stared the demon in the face – and took its power away from it

we can never look within ourselves. we can never sit with ourselves, as what we will find scares the fuck out of us… but there is immense power in learning this skill, in being able to do this

as what you find is truth… what you find is growth… what you find is exactly what you need right now


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