A Lesson Learnt in Munich

when I lived & worked in Munich, I learned a lot about myself

but I also learned a lot about life too – especially from one of my co-workers

we would always finish work at 2am, and then the team would sit around the fire and have a beer or two until 3am, before hurrying away to catch the last train home

and one night, a topic of discussion came up that I find fascinating…

where are places you’ve been, that you’ll never find yourself in again

to me, thinking of this brings immense amounts of gratitude… the time I spent sailing Croatia is a time I’ll never experience again – at least not with the same people, on the same boat…

The Stadtbibliothek in Regensburg is a place I might never immerse & lose myself in books again in my life…

And from all reports, my apartment in Munich – the first one I’d ever had – has been demolished and turned into something new

all bring back memories I’ll hold dear forever

so, instead of going with the popular “when was the last time you did something for the first time”, I challenge you to think of this when in a situation “is this the last time I might ever be here & experience this…”

as that will force you heavily into the present moment. and you’ll enjoy the experience and be grateful for it so much more

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