Music + A Starry Night Sky

music has a funny way of changing us at a moments notice

we can use it to change our psychology… to change our emotional state and how we’re feeling

we can use it to transport us to a place in a time. a destination. a memory. a place or time we’d like to visit again

and sometimes it’s so beautifully constructed that it makes you forget how small & needless you are

and looking up at the stars has a funny way of helping us bring perspective back into how insignificant we truly are in the grand scheme of things

mix the two together, and you can lose yourself in a beautiful place. a place with no sense of self, time, or space – a place of full ecstasy

mix THIS SONG with a starry night filled with nothing but you, the music, and the peacefulness of your environment – especially when it hits minute 6:04

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