I See No Changes

for a society that fears change like the black plague, we seek it more than we think in hidden places

actually, it’s an afterthought of our decisions and behaviors. it’s a knock-on effect

in our never-ending search for happiness… for meaning… for fulfillment… for validation by others, we seek possessions

the new car or house…
more money in the account…
a better “status” in the view of those we seek validation from

and in essence, this in itself is change

but here’s the thing, none of these things change us, the only amplify or magnify what we already are

so what we’re really seeking is a change – but we look outside of ourselves for that “change”, unknowingly to ourselves

when what we need to do is become comfortable looking within… sitting with ourselves and delving into ourselves… as it’s there we will discover what true change needs to take place

and oftentimes, it’s not giving any fucking power to others thoughts or opinions…

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