Nothing Truly Matters

at night, tilt your head up. and drink in the stars…

they don’t truly exist anymore… as what you’re seeing is simply light that is still traveling to us

and in essence, we’re simply monkeys sitting on a small rock that is orbiting this star… in a giant galaxy that is, quite possibly itself, part of an even bigger multiverse

and with this, nothing truly matters…
we’re all simply specks of time…
we’re infinitesimal.

and that person who cut you off in traffic today doesn’t matter. the fact they forgot to put the chips in your order doesn’t matter. and neither does the fact you didn’t get the job

only you’re giving it that power & emotion to make it matter – and yet, in the end, truly doesn’t

all that does, is that you’re alive & breathing… as that means you get to live & fight another day… and have an opportunity to make and cultivate beautiful, majestic experiences either for yourself, or for others close to you

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