The Danger of More

We live in a world where we want more. More of everything. We think more is better. We think the more we have, the better we become… the better we are… or the happier we’d be

But is there a moment that brings with it diminishing returns… 

More might be better for a while. It might make us feel good. You might even feel like you’re “progressing” and growing. But more is a rabbit you can forever chase and never truly catch…

And more always brings with it great danger… it’s an obsession with always being thirsty for more, and never showing gratitude for what we have

Nutritionally, pushing for more is not the answer… more of what? More food has caused our obesity epidemic… and yet more exercise and restriction is seeing ED numbers rise

Is more always better? Certainly not

But what is better, is better itself

Better quality of everything we do in life. We need to define “enough” – and must begin to grasp the very fine difference between enough, more, too less

But the best news is, life is a game, and we get to learn and grow as we go on…

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