The Habit of Hesitation

has been the killer of more dreams than anything else in existence…

we hesitate with the stories we tell ourselves. the excuses we use. the self-beliefs we have. and the identity that we cloak ourselves in

we don’t hesitate the small, meanial tasks of our days… so when we do show hesitation with the larger, more important decisions, the old lady fear wakes up in us

and she stops us dead in our tracks

so our job is to dismiss this habit of hesitation, and instead create a habit of action…
one that see’s us step into the fear, and dance with it

and most importantly, use it to our advantage

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    I wonder why we hesitate in the first place Bro.

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    1. I honestly think that the fear of “success” is just as big with people as the fear of “failure” is… that, and we despise change – even though it’s a natural thing in life

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