Chase Those Dreams

as it’s the hardest thing to do. it’s the path of most resistance. it’s the path that will see you grow the most

and that’s why people will tell you not to. it’s why people don’t do it more themselves

as it’s hard. possibly the hardest thing we can do

as others will throw their opinions at you. people will show their true selves to you. they’ll place their own limitations on you. they’ll stand in your way and try to hold you back

your shadow will try and become your worst enemy. you’ll see yourself in the mirror and begin to think “no”… but all-the-while, deep down, you know yes

over time. you’ll succeed. with enough dogged determination, grit, and endurance – you’ll realise your dream

and in doing so, you’ll live the life you desire so much. and gain one of the truest feelings in life…

knowing you backed yourself and took the hardest road… and in turn, knowing you can now achieve anything you desire 

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    My brother, its small things which change the world, and your thoughts and words are just one such instrument. I am sure you may be a highly appreciated human being in your part of the world, but allow me to add my humble appreciation and encouragement to your efforts. As a soldier let me say ” God speed and good shooting”.

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