Are We All “Blind”…

I believe we all are in a special way. As in, we always fail to see the big picture

I was blessed enough to fly into Melbourne early this morning as I surprise one of my Academy girls competing at the Australian Gymnastics Competition – and caught the most majestic of sunrises

High above the clouds, it was absolutely majestic. Mother Nature was putting on a show and all seemed right with the world

But yet, as we descended through the clouds, our perception of reality changed…

For when we landed it was dark and dreary. A truly miserable day from this viewpoint… And the atmosphere and energy of the city depicted this

And there’s a metaphor for life here…

just because we cannot see the sun/light/hope/better times through the “clouds”, doesn’t mean the sun/light/hope/better times don’t exist

we’re simply taking this present moment at face value, instead of drinking in the entire picture

better times are always ahead. always. we just forget about them as we can’t see them

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