The Walls Aren’t There To Hold You In…

Enthusiasm is great. It’s excitement and shows, initially, that you’re willing to either work at or for something

But the problem lies in enthusiasm not being what’s required to get over the obstacles or adversity that are thrown your way

Enthusiasm only does so much…

And as Angela Duckworth portrays so perfectly in her book “Grit”:

“Enthusiasm is common but endurance is rare…”

And it’s the latter that matters most…

It’s the determination. The grit. The willpower. The strength of mind to push through the hardships. To overcome the adversity & climb the walls…

As the walls aren’t there to hold us in. they’re there to show us what we’re capable of… 

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    That’s so true. As a veteran, I remember all that we went through when I was serving, It was as you said, ” The grit. The willpower. The strength of mind” which made the difference between being a dead soldier and a living one. God bless you for your words.


    1. I’m beginning to find it is the same with everything in life brother – regardless of the modality or environment we find ourselves in – it’s that grit, willpower, and strength of mind that see’s us through

      Thank you for your kind words & support ❤

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