What If We’ve Got It Backwards…

what changes first, the body or, the mind? do we need to have some psychological change in order to change our physiology, or can it be the counter?

in my personal experience, I saw a change within my body first (i.e. losing the weight), which in turn opened my mind up to other possibilities for me that I believed to be impossible

and yet, in regards to others, the counter has proved true. they’ve had to change their mind first in order to go on and change their bodies

and then there’s this current thinking pattern of…

I think, there I am

and yet, that sort of thinking isn’t 100% true. there is a real power behind it, as it can wire the subconscious mind to believe things and begin to shift them toward our reality

but does the brain control the body or the body control the brain… especially via the release of specific chemicals

as we know we can shift our physiology to change our psychology. that widening our stance, puffing the chest, and placing the hands on the hips increase testosterone production 30% and reduces cortisol by 15% – thus providing us with more “confidence”

and we know that simply holding a smile can make us happier 

as here’s the thing… the brain has over 40,000 neurons… and the “gut”, in itself, is a second limbic system… as it is wired with an incomprehensible number of neurons as well as secreting dopamine & other hormones/chemicals

it’s intuitive… and, in my honest opinion, the “gut feeling” is real

so perhaps, instead of waiting to feel better psychologically about going for that walk, you should go on that walk to feel better psychologically…

perhaps we’ve got it backwards, and the body is controlling the brain

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    A very lucid argument, I must say, brother.


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