Don’t Force It

Cliche’s are so cliche, right?

But did you know, that there’s also so much power within them if you see it and use it? Honestly, think about it for a second…

You won’t get anywhere without hard work… it’s true
Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right… correct again
If it’s not broken, don’t fix it… 100% true

And my personal favourite – don’t try and force a round peg into a square hole

But we dismiss them for their simplicity – as we create those complexities to hide our imperfections. They’re too simple they cannot be true… it’s got to be more complex than that as it cannot be that easy

But in truth, when you see it, it really is

And you cannot ever force things. EVER

Whenever you feel this internal “argh”. This anger (not frustration) is a sign. It’s a cue you need to listen to and treat like physical pain. It should force you to stop and reassess

As generally, and from personal experience, this ARGGHHHHH is the universe telling you something… that you’re trying to force something instead of being a little patient and letting it happen when it will

Or you’re doing something you don’t truly want to be doing

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