Faux Failure

There’s a thing known as “failure pornography”… where we place ourselves in situations we expect to fail in, so that we can face the failure and feel it – thus, possibly reducing the fear of failure

Picture going up to buy a coffee with the intention of asking for it for half-

Using other people so we can pretend we’re being rejected is a form of cowardice. You’re setting yourself up for a fake rejection, or faux failure


Because you honestly don’t care about the thing you’ll be rejected about or fail at

And yet in turn, when you do go to try and “ship” or create something that has true meaning and value to you, the failure and fear of rejection will be so much more real and powerful than this faux failure you tried to create

And the lesson to learn here is to not listen to your own bullshit. This faux-failure is a false ego feeder. It’s not doing anything beneficial for you, except feeding your ego and making you feel that little bit better right this very second

In the grand scheme of things. Over the longcut. It mean and changes nothing

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