The Richest Place In The World

It’s not a casino. It’s not Monte Carlo or Los Angeles. And no, it’s not within yourself

It’s a graveyard…

Because it’s filled with quite possibly some of the best idea’s we will never hear. Some of the best experiences and stories we will never know about. And some of the greatest dreams to have ever be dreamt and not come to reality

And it’s one of the biggest shames and pains in life – giving in to fear and holding back. And if you spend time around the elderly, their biggest pains in life are regret. It’s the “what if’s“… the “I should have’s”

And in life, we can accept one of two pains. Either the pain of discipline and doing the hard things in this present moment… or the pain of regret in the future

And with it, the never-ending wondering & thinking of what could have been for you in this short game of life

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