It’s A Mental Barrier

Nobody ever thought the four-minute mile would be broken. Everyone believed that if someone did break it, they’d end up leaving the occasion in a hearse…

In 1923, the quickest time was 4:10… then 20 years later it was 4:04 – still quite ways off the four minute mark

And still, two more years later it was only 4:01. 9 seconds had been shaved off in 22 years… It was close, but still not believed to be possible

And it took another 12 years, until 1954, when Roger Bannister finally broke the 4-minute barrier, with a time of 3:59.40

The mental and physical barrier had been broken.. the impossible had been proven possible. And with that, the proverbial floodgates opened

as just two months later Bannister’s time was beaten…

And then within five short years, another two runners had broken the mark. And then, the first teenager did it

But how… how did this happen? The physical challenge became no easier. You still needed to run 1.6km in under four minutes

All that changed was our belief… our thoughts… our assumptions… the stories we told ourselves… and the mental frame we built around the challenge we faced

And so it is with every challenge you face in life. If you believe it to be impossible, it always will be. If you can shift this perspective, however, you will see that the impossible actually is possible for you

As success leaves clues, and believe me, what you’re facing right now, someone before you has already overcome. And they’re no different to you – except for the fact that they believed

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