What Makes You Come Alive

When you look at the art, or the science, of happiness – many different things are conjured up in the “test tube”


All of which are very, very subjective. And it makes it very tough. As one of the hardest things for us to do as humans is to set goals

We have a hard time defining exactly what it is we want

And so we end up chasing external pleasures. We end up chasing these possessions in the hope that they’ll make us feel better. And they do, initially. But that endorphin high, that flood of dopamine eventually wears off

And while the new car or more money might bring a tiny smile to our face. It does nothing to our soul

As here’s the thing… money or worldly possessions cannot touch how you feel about yourself

and how you feel about yourself is all that matters

So what makes you come alive… What fills you with feelings of ecstasy and the utmost of joy… As that right there, that’s what you should be chasing in life

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