Mothers. Musicians. And Marshmallows

“we were expecting to find exceptional kids, but what we found were exceptional environments”

How can I become better…
How can I generate what I personally define as success…

Two questions that society entertains more than any other

And it’s be thought that it begins by being cultivated within a supportive environment. As multiple studies showed that those who are in positions of success today weren’t the smartest kids, yet they had supportive environments

Family. Friends. Teachers. Mentors

But then they discovered outliers… People who battle through broken homes, unforgiving neighbourhoods, and overcame an abundance of adversity

And this “environment” wasn’t found to be the only factor

As they found in talented childhood Musicians, whom once they had found their way into college, and were immersed with others who had the same talents, it was the ones who worked harder who got ahead

And not just a little harder, a lot harder… Like, 10,000 hours harder

But yet again heads are left scratching, as there are anomalies who haven’t achieved those 10,000 hours, nor did they have the supportive environment, yet they could delay gratification

They could NOT eat the marshmallow. And this skill… this mindset, enabled them to make smarter choices in life and be incredibly “future focused” – placing them in better positions later in life

But yet again, there’s many in positions of “success” today who would eat the marshmallow…

And with this, you should begin to see a commonality

It doesn’t matter where you grow up or what your surroundings are. Yes they matter, but you can overcome a difficult environment…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve accumulated the 10,000 hours and are on your way to Mastery, or already there…

And it doesn’t matter whether you can say no to things now in the hope for a better, brighter future…

And yet, what does matter is the utmost of belief in oneself… The belief that they are on the right path, and that they will overcome the next adversity they face – by either going over, around or through it… 

Do you have this utmost of belief in yourself? Or do you rattle off “excuses” and self-limiting beliefs to define why you’re in the position you’re currently in

As when you fully immerse yourself in this utmost of belief in yourself, you’ll begin to discover that some answers you seek are right there, just in front of you

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    Just discovered your blog. Good, happy, and very powerful.


    1. Thank you so very much for the kind words brother. Grateful this resonates with you 🙂


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