What Is It That You’re Really Feeling?

Today I graduated from my Nutrition & Dietetics degree at University/College. It feels good, but it’s straight on to the next goal now

During the ceremony, many things hit me. The joy in people’s faces whilst getting their certificate. But also the fear you could see in their eyes. Not just from having to get up on stage in front of more than 500 people

But the fear of the unknown, of what’s next… And here’s the funny thing.

Physiologically, fear and excitement are the same things

It’s just the story we tell ourselves that differs the two. The heart beats faster in both. Our palms sweat. Adrenaline floods the system, and yet one emotion brings with it hope, new beginnings, change and growth. The other brings stagnation, worry, and pain

And today, I caught this phenomenon. As it was becoming my turn to take the stage, I felt my heart skip beats and begin to pump out of my chest… I felt my palms get sweaty… my breath raced… and I could sense the adrenaline flood my system like it did when I skydived in New Zealand

But I caught myself. This wasn’t fear. This was excitement. This is what I’ve been feeling all along

And perhaps it’s the same for you in those times when you feel “fear

Perhaps it’s truly not fear. Perhaps it’s an instinctive reaction that is truly excitement. Perhaps this is why we should always run toward the fear, as maybe it’s excitement – but it’s just standing at the back of the room in the dark corner

And so I challenge you if you’ll have me, to always take the choice that scares you. It’s something I’ll forever be doing in my day-to-day life from here on out

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  1. artalexiusr says:

    Hey congrats bro on your Graduation. This fear and excitement and all that follows is addictive, at least to me. I am a veteran, trust me I know. Leads me to trek the Himalayas, live in tiger infested jungles and lot of fun stuff, with my sons. So enjoy, may I bless you with so much more fun stuff.


    1. Thanks so much brother. I completely resonate with you on the “addictive” nature of it – and oftentimes, I find myself having to remain present and looking at what’s been achieved as my mind always races to the next thing

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