The Illusion of Accomplishing Something Real…

Picture yourself or your business as a Lion. You’re the apex predator and king of the Jungle. You’re the top dog, and realistically, your choices for meals and sustenance are limitless 

You’ve got a choice  — to either hunt the likes of Antelope or the likes of Field Mice

Some of you will choose to hunt the field mice — as they’re the easier prey. So you receive the instant gratification and “feeling of success”… But what you find over time is that they’re only snacks… they’re not a great sustainable choice to keep you as the apex predator

Or you can choose the tougher route. You can hunt Antelope. Fast, evasive, and a much harder task than the field mice. But when you catch one, the meat on it will tide you over for the longer-term

And this axiom. This little story can be heavily adapted to your life

Are you choosing tiny & insignificant tasks, simply being busy, and gaining the “feeling” of success… or are you choosing the harder tasks, the ones that, when completed, will help you in the long-term

Learn to delay gratification, and chase the tasks that have the most meaning and power to you over the long-term, not just this very second

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