How To Discover What’s Holding You Back

There are five monkeys in a room, and there’s a basket full of banana’s sitting atop a ladder. Monkeys being monkeys, they, of course, desire the bananas

But the thing is, when they go to climb the ladder to get a banana, they’re sprayed with cold water. Every single time one of the monkeys tried, cold water ensues. And after a while, they learn the behaviour and don’t climb the ladder

And then one monkey is replaced with a new monkey, and the new monkey wants a banana. But before it can climb the ladder, the other four monkeys grab it and hold it back… it’s shocked, as it doesn’t know what this means

Eventually, all original five monkeys are placed with new ones. And anytime a new monkey tries to climb the ladder to get a banana, it is pulled back – even though the monkeys who are now in the room have never been sprayed with the cold water, let alone seen it

They have been told about, and learned this behaviour

Then there’s Mohini, a tiger who was raised in captivity after being rescued from an animal sanctuary. She was raised in a 10×10 foot cage for 5 years, until one day she was released into this beuatiful and expansive new enclosure that mimicked her natural habitat

But it was too late…

Mohini immediately sought refuge in what she knew, a small corner of the enclosure, where she lived for the remainder of her life. She paced that corner continuously until there was a 10×10 space that was nought but worn grass

And herein lies the power – we’re all told things, real or perceived, that hold us back…

Where in life are you pacing a tiny area of grass, scared to venture outside for fear of the unknown… where are you afraid of getting sprayed with water, of failing, of looking stupid, even though it’s never even happened…

Everything you want is right there in front of you, it’s all just a mere inch outside of your comfort zone. And if you’re willing to brave it, if you’re willing to test it, you may find everything you desire and more

Besides, the biggest tragedy in life is that freedom is entirely possible to us, yet we can pass our lives away living inside the same old patterns. Year, after year, after year

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