Experiences, Not Goals

If there’s one thing we should all be collecting in life, it’s experiences… Experiencing all that life has to offer – travel, love, nature, feelings of fulfilment and empowerment

And when you look at the way society structures itself for achievement, it’s no wonder people are more unhappy, anxious and depressed than we’ve ever seen before

And it’s because we’re chasing lies. We’re setting these “goals” with alterior motives in mind. We’re trying to achieve things so that we may cultivate and collect these experiences…

How many times have you heard someone (or done it yourself) set a goal along the lines of “I’m going to do ‘x’ SO that I can do ‘y’…”

Where the “y” is the end goal… it’s the experience you want to have

And if that’s what you’re truly working toward, why not begin there and reverse engineer it… and then figure out how you need to grow in order to achieve it – as the most natural of things in life is growth

And the funniest thing of all, the experiences you wish to have in life often do not cost much at all – which goes against everything we’re led to believe and how money is power…

As a personal example, some of the experiences I wish to collect in life include the following:

  • Impact the lives of the next generation by building and running a sustainable small business that helps them grow & prepare themselves physically and mentally for life
  • Have the freedom to travel and live in multiple cities each and every year
  • Write a best-selling book
  • Walk the Kokoda Trail, climb Mt Everest, swim with Great White Sharks in South Africa, hike Macchu Picchu, see the Northern Lights
  • Learn to surf
  • Give a talk in front of over 1,000 people
  • Send my family on a round-the-world trip

And if I then look at how I need to grow in order to have these experiences, I can align all decision and actions with them…

I’ll need to learn more about systems in business, and continue educating myself about the area’s of interest to me and what will help the next generation. This business, in turn, will allow me to travel if I build it correctly

To write a book I will need to continue honing my skills by writing this blog every day, and continue reading and learning from others who have already done so

Upskilling myself when it comes to performing and speaking will help me one day take the stage & add value to others lives…

So maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and cross off all those “SMART” goals that leave you incredibly unfulfilled

Maybe it’s time to begin thinking about the experiences you wish to have in life…

And then work out the growth that needs to be had & the person you need to become to have and collect those experiences

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