What Fear Can Teach You

I’ve adopted a new life goal and mantra… If something scares me, I must do it.. As in doing so, I will move toward the person I seek to become

Fear freezes too many people. It stops us dead in our tracks. And what scares us is often nothing plausible. It is often the darndest of things that will unlikely never become our reality

And it is towards this fear that we must head. As when we dance with the fear, we discover. We learn. We grow

And if there’s one thing we need in life, its growth

The thing that’s scaring me in life at the moment is beginning a podcast for “The Academy”… why does it scare me? Honestly, I have no idea what exactly it is. There’s the fear of uncertainty, of it not working, of not knowing what to do, of being ridiculed, of not doing it as well as I could do it…

But none of these things have any power unless I decide to give them power – so toward the fear I walk

I challenge you to be changed by this concept and adopt this mantra. The next time something scares you, go do it, as the lessons you’ll learn about yourself and your capabilities may very well surprise you

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