The Refractory Effect

I adore Jason Silva. And if you’re not following along with his video’s on Facebook you are severely missing out

During one, he exposed me to an incredibly thought-provoking and powerful quote by Jim Rohn…

the things we create end up creating us

And when you look at technological advancements and all the wonder they bring, you can see how they’ve now shaped our reality. It’s a fucking scary thought

And this quote can be adapted to our own unique little bubble and world…

the behaviours and habits you make now will end up making the future you

The thoughts you’re having right this very second will shape the decisions you make, in turn creating actions that in time become your behaviours. And you are what you repeatedly do…

Plus, they say the definition of Hell is that “the last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become” 

So give some more thought to your thoughts, actions, and behaviours – the future you will thank you for it

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