They say entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down. I believe this is true, but not just for entrepreneurs… it’s true for us all

Nothing is guaranteed in life, except for two things. Death and uncertainty

And what I’m beginning to find is something rather funny. Because uncertainty is always certain, everyone is simply building things & making it up as they go along in life

They’re modelling others and taking a risk that “theirs” might in turn work too. They’re selling things before they even exist…

In the words of Steve Harvey, “they’re standing on a cliff watching all these others sail by, and then the jump, not knowing if their parachute will open

What gives them the ability to jump? Well, Seth Rogen answers that…

blind belief in themselves

It’s cliche, but that right there is the answer… make it up as you go along, and always have blind and utter faith in yourself

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