The natural state for everything in life is change

Growth. Decay. It’s all a constant state of flux

There is a possibility that you are everything you will ever become. You’ve already done the things you were destined to do. And that nothing will ever change

This is absolutely ludicrous though. And an incredibly sad way to think. Your capacities and abilities are never fixed

We are all capable of so much more

And it all begins with just a tiny bit of movement. Showing a little more motivation. Working a little harder. Showing a little more understanding and empathy

Everything within this world and in life is flexible and malleable… so why think that you are not? We are all organic matter at our core essence. If the majestically beautiful butterfly can be born from something so radically different as it’s final form – then what excuse do you truly have

For some reason though, change is thought of with so much negativity. It’s natural, however…

And yet, as a society, we fear the unknown – when in reality it should be looked forward to with the utmost of excitement

Besides. If you can be just that little bit malleable now… and change that tiny fraction of a bit… or go on to do just a that little bit more…

it will transfer into a lot in the future

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