Busy is a Mask

Being “busy” means you’re lacking control…
You’re disorganised…
And you have a possible lack of priorities

We live in this world where we value simply being “busy”. It makes us feel and seem important. It’s always met with thoughts and answers like “that’s a good position to be in“, “it’s a good problem to have“, and “well, it’s better than the opposite

But is it really

Everyone I know is “busy”. They’re exhausted, out on their feet, and you can see they’ve lost their love for life. They don’t appreciate the small things, and they give too much power these things that don’t matter…

You tell yourself these stories and give power to how what you’re doing truly means something, and if you didn’t do it, no-one else would and terrible things would happen… But would they

Would putting this task off till tomorrow so that you could spend time with friends and loved ones really get you fired… would it really send your business crashing and burning to the ground…

Would taking tomorrow morning off, just the morning, to go appreciate nature and life in general really put you so far behind the eight ball that you couldn’t cope… if so, you’re lacking control – and the things you think you own are really owning them

Look, the majority of what we do doesn’t matter. Truly, it doesn’t. But that smile you give a stranger, that minute you take out of your “busy” day to brighten someone else’s, that moment you take to appreciate the cool breeze, sunset, and beauty life has to offer – that’s what’s truly important

But you won’t do it, hell, the majority of people wouldn’t. You hate this sort of solitude. As you hate the thought of being alone within yourself, you don’t want that stillness, as you’re scared of what you’ll find

And to me, that’s what “busy” is… it’s a mask that’s keeping you hidden from yourself and what you really need to see

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