What Does Success Even Look Like?

Is it millions in your bank account…
Is it millions of followers on your social media…
Is it never working another day again in your life…

It could be. But it may not be at the same time

As success is whatever you define it to be

And today we live in this world where we let others define what success is for us. We believe that it’s all about the money. Or the fame. Or the power. And you believe these stories others tell and show you…

But money won’t change a thing, it only amplifies what you currently are. And general fame is over-rated, as nobody will truly miss you when you’re gone

Personally, success is fulfilment & freedom; whatever that feeling is to you. To me, that’s helping others realise their full potential, opening their eyes in some small way, helping them to change their lives, and enjoying the smallest of things in life

And now that I’ve defined success, I can align my decisions, behaviours, and actions with things that will take me toward it – and ignore all the rest

And so, dear friend, what does success look like to you?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Joker says:

    Getting drafted to an AFL team… And being the best and strongest version of myself.


    1. Hells yeah brother! Now every decision and action you make must align with achieving those goals 🙂


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