Forget Post-It Notes & Notebooks…

Success leaves clues. This is something I wholeheartedly believe. And being able to model yourself off others – taking what is useful and adapting it to your own situation – is one of the most powerful skills you can learn in life

And there’s an all-powerful concept I’ve come across a number of times very recently. And it’s that…


Far too often in life, we’re simply being “busy”… our minds continually run at 100% and we’re never, ever, 100% fully present in this given time. We try to force things. Our need for instant gratification reigns supreme – it is essentially what is making our decisions for us

We’re ferociously writing post-it notes, or jotting things down in notebooks for later reviewing – and hell, I’m guilty of this more than most… but do we ever truly come back to them all?

Imagine losing everything you’ve written down and thought you desperately needed. Imagine losing all of those possessions and having to start again. You know what you’d remember…


You’d be able to recall the most important stuff. The best things will be ingrained in your head – in your subconscious mind. And that’s the stuff that matters most

The important things will always remain…
And what’s not important will go away…
Just like everything in life

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