Learning One of Life’s Biggest Lesson

You continually take too much on your plates – and it overwhelms and frustrates you, doesn’t it…

For some reason, saying “no” doesn’t come easily. And neophilia encapsulates daily activites, and the fear-of-missing-out is oh-so-realĀ & everpresent

And yet, it’s this neophilia and FOMO that’s creating your feelings of frustration & overwhelm. And funnily enough, it’s this frustration & overwhelm that’s trying to send you a message

You see, psychologically, overwhelm means you’re processing an amount of information you’re not currently used to, and you’re about to learn something new. It’s a positive emotion if you view it that way. And the same goes for frustration, psychologically, you’re about to have a breakthrough…

And if you learn from this pain, you’ll find that what’s triggering it is taking on too much, the inability to say no, and the egocentric FOMO

The lesson to learn when you experience pain in life & these things is that you need to let them go. That’s the lesson you’re learning, that’s your breakthrough

1. Learn to say no to things (if it’s not a FUCK YES, it’s a no)…
2. Don’t take on too much trivial stuff…
3. And detach from your egocentric FOMO

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