Attack the Mind by Attacking the Body

I’m not going to lie. This morning was like a massacre
I cannot remember any day being this hard as this morning was for quite some time
Sleep is non-existent, as my new schedule is 6am-12am. I cannot explain why, but work is all I crave at the moment
Until this morning. I had nothing in the proverbial mental tank
To say I felt lost is an understatement. It’s as if I was traversing the Sahara dessert. Blind. And yet with all the water I required around me, just unable to see it
As I know what needs to be done, it’s just identifying the next piece to move in this game of chess…
But you know what brought me out of it…
My physical training
I am a huge believer in changing your physiology in order to change your psychology. And today, I lived that belief. I’d forgotten about it. I didn’t feel like training. It was the last thing on my overwhelmed and frustrated mind – and the least thing I felt like doing
And yet, getting it done cleared my mind. It allowed me to get creative, and begin identifying the next pieces at my disposal
The next time you’re in a psychological rut, change your physiology. Exercise. Jump. Run. Have a cold ass shower
If it’s good enough for Tony Robbins. It’s good enough for you

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