Off The Wagon

It happens. And we hate it

It hurts. As we feel like we’ve let ourselves down. Things have gotten ‘out of balance’ in our eyes – when there’s no such thing as balance in life anyway

Things will come along that demand more of your attention for a given amount of time. Sickness may come along and derail you for a short time

Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost… focus instead of what you’ve gained – the opportunity to begin again, and do it better than last time

Patience is key. And you’ve got time. It’s about taking that first step… taking things day by day… lining up small domino’s and knocking them down one by one, and getting back on track when possible

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about things you cannot truly control – asĀ this too shall pass

And always remember, the tortoise won in the end

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