Intellectually Obese

“if all we needed was more information we’d all be millionaires with six-pack abs” – Derek Sivers

it’s true. we are facing a physical obesity epidemic. we’re consuming too much food and not taking enough action on the physical side to work it off

but there’s another obesity epidemic we’re facing too…

Intellectual Obesity

we live in a world where everything we could ever wish to know lies at the end of our fingertips…

and we will tell you “I know what to do”… it’s the most spoken sentence in the English language

and my answer to it…
fucking great. I don’t care. Go show me you know what to do by doing it

as we’re consuming information at an alarming rate… but then not taking action on it…. not putting it to use

information is the new food… and if you’re not careful you’ll get information overload… and be paralysed from the mind down

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