What Do You Believe?

I believe the day should begin at 5am. Every single day

I believe everyone should travel solo before the age of 20. There’s something about experiencing, discovering, and being lost in a foreign country travel that helps you find yourself

I believe that we should all read at least a book a fortnight. As books hold the secrets of growth

I believe exercise holds the key to most of life’s problems. And that the rise we’ve seen in mental health issues, amongst other diseases is due to our decreased lack of it

I believe we only know about 5% of the brains true capacity 

I believe the moon landing was staged

I believe a cold shower every morning has the potential to be the catalyst for a great day

I believe everyone is scared more than they let on. And regret is their biggest fear that freezes them dead in their tracks

I believe meditation will be the next ‘health and fitness’ craze – and it will do wonders for people

I believe music has the power to heal. Real music, played with instruments

I believe that human potential is nearly limitless. And it’s the stories we tell ourselves, and our disempowering beliefs that hold us back

I believe I am unstoppable and that I can do all of this stuff – and therefore I can

I believe that you are capable of achieving all your heart desires in life – you just cannot see it or know it yet… and if you can’t see it, know that it’s okay as you never will see the path in its entirety… but taking that first step shows you the next one


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