The Foggy Bridge

“the value of an idea comes within the using of it” – Thomas Edison

Idea’s are a dime a dozen. Any man and his dog can have a world-class one. But it’s not the idea that matters… is it?

The power is in taking action on the idea

Ah yes… but that is where the fear lies…
As you can see in your minds eye what the destination across the chasm looks like…
But not what lies on the bridge that takes you there

You can see the the outcome. But you have no idea about the processes, the habits, the behaviours that will see us toward the outcome

You know the path. You can see it if you want. But you don’t take it as you’re not 100% sure where it leads or if it will hold you

there’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path” – Morpheus

You know what to do. It’s time to take action…

It’s time for you to cross the chasm

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