The Illusion of Chasing Something Real

Are you hunting antelope… or are you hunting field mice…

Picture yourself as a Lion. You’re hungry. And you have the option of hunting antelope or field mice….

And you always take the option of chasing field mice

Success comes easy…
And that makes you feel good…
All you’re gaining however, are tiny snacks…

Tiny things that will give you no sustainability whatsoever… You’re simply being “busy” and not productive

You’re doing work. But it’s not the work that will help you survive and succeed

You’re simply chasing the illusion of accomplishing something real

So ask yourself this powerful question…

Am I being productive… or am I simply being busy?”

P.S: the above parable and metaphor comes from Newt Gingrich – as told by Tim Ferriss on the Impact Theory Podcast. I HIGHLY recommend you listen to it

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