Don’t Force It

Some things just are not meant to happen. No matter how bade we desire them to go our way

Like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Regardless of how hard you try…
How much force and energy you use…
And how much frustration and anger you pent up

It’s just not going to work

And there are far too many times and situations in life where we try to force the issue. Personally, I’ve done this a lot in my past. And what I’ve found is that when you need to force something – it’s just not meant to be

The universe is trying to tell you something. So step back, rise above yourself, and view the situation from afar

Maybe the tact your taking to generate more leads for the business isn’t working for a reason… maybe it’s time to change

Perhaps that client who’s giving you naught but headaches should be let go… as there is a high chance of clients you want to work with just around the corner

And if you’re chasing something your heart truly desires, and your gut is telling you something about the situation is fishy… or you’re being met with naught but resistance (like a shady real estate employee) – then the smartest thing to do is look for another opportunity

There will always be another bus…
And there is always another piece of the puzzle that will fill the spot you’re staring at much easier than the piece you currently hold in your hand

You’ve simply¬†got to take a moment, step back, and look

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