Do You Feel Immortal?

Have you ever faced your own immortality? Stared it down directly in the eyes…

I did last night. And it scared me more than I ever thought it would

I sat there, at a family member’s 50th birthday dinner. It was an enjoyable night. Great Thai food aroma filled the air. But it wasn’t until after the majestic cherry chocolate cake that the mood turned somber

And people began to talk about age…

I’m never one to care about a topic such as this. But you could feel the energy levels of the room change dramatically when it came up

The talk about how quick the years go…

I never thought it to be true. But as I experience it for myself now I can see how valid it is

The thing that scared me the most though, was the look in everyone’s eyes. You could see them pause and reflect for a moment… as they all thought back to that one time they should have done this or that

You could see the regret. You could see them accept that their time would come to an end at some point in the future

And as I turned to face myself in the mirror, it hit me like a truck when I looked deep into my own eyes… my own immortality could be imminent. That thought that I won’t be here forever resonated deep in my bones

And I surprised myself. As I accepted it. It motivates me more now… but the acceptance is there

The question is though… do you accept this fate?

You cannot hide from this fact…
As it’s the one thing we’re all guaranteed in life…
The incomprehensible aspect is this though

When you accept it you feel overwhelmingly powerful

“With great responsibility comes great power” – Jim Kwik


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