Have you seen the new Škoda ad? It’s a masterpiece in my eyes. It’s authentic and brutally honest

It deconstructs all the cliche’s of your typical ‘luxury car’ ad

Young family…
Classical music…
Scenic mountain to drive up…

The mother identifies all of this… and then looks you square in the eye and says

“You’re not buying this though, are you”

And that’s the brutal honest truth

All of those “cliche’s” are there for the emotional response… the way it makes you feel like “that could be me if I bought that car…”

But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of why you buy the car – the rational reasons – they’re all essentially the same

So the challenge to you is… where in your life or business do you need to ‘throw a brick’ and be authentic and brutally honest

The funny thing is… there is an immutable law of marketing that works in your favour when you do

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