How I Found ‘Success’

There I sat. In Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Staring failure in the face

My uni results had just come out and yet another F would appear on my transcript. I was down to my last life. One more, and I would never graduate

Something had to change…

And when I returned to Australia and University it did. It wasn’t my drive though. And I wasn’t smarter. I just realised what was most important

If after every single lecture I could go through and write a summary of its most important aspects…
And to summarise these again…
I would have a short-list of the concepts they could ask us about in our exams

So that’s what I did. I focused on what mattered most. Instead of simply doing more work, I focused myself and my intention on that which truly mattered

It took me about five hours a week…
That’s it…
And the result

I graduated with an 85 average. That’s the power of doing that which matters. And throwing all else to the side

Where do you need to adopt this mindset in your business? What about your life… Being busy is simply an excuse for being unorganised and out of control

Success does not lie in doing more. It lies in doing solely that which leads you to success

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