Society is opening it’s eyes, and itself, up to being more and more present

Meditation is skyrocketing and will soon become the norm… and demonstrating¬†‘mindfulness’ is becoming more and more present

When you look around however, people are confusing being mindful with being mind-full…

Instead of being present… our whole being stuck in this single moment… our minds are off elsewhere

Our physical body may be here, in this present moment… but our minds are elsewhere

Humans are the only species that have a sense of time, days, and years…
We are the only species truly aware of our immortality…
And we let this power us to becoming mind-full with everything

But it’s time to let go of all the ‘fluff’…
It’s time to let go of wanting and needing control…
And it’s time to become mindful and know that the universe has everything planned

And all will happen as it may… This picture below sums it all up perfectly


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