The Little Man

He’s incredibly fucking nasty. At least mine was

I say was, as he’s been kicked out. He used to be ever present. Residing full time in my head. And own the biggest loudspeaker you would have ever seen

But he’s been evicted. All the negativity he’d bring. All the self-sabotage thoughts. Gone

I used to self-sabotage myself. ALOT. I used to talk myself out of things. Let the negativity get to me. To overwhelm me. And consume me

But he’s out. And a more mindful optimist has moved in. Not a total optimist, but a more realistic one

He’s like that cool uncle that buys you a beer at 16, just to experience it…
Like that best friend who books you in to Skydive even though you’re terrified of heights… 
He’s the person you want to be…

The one who knows it’s not going to be perfect. But has faith in you and your own abilities. And knows that you’ll do everything in your power to make it work. And that that’s all that matters

Who’s currently living in your head? And maybe it’s time you gave them an eviction notice. Isn’t it…

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