A Marathon…

‘pain is not supposed to be associated with daily tasks’

every morning I walk from Merewether Baths to the top of the Newcastle Anzac walk and back before meditating. it takes me roughly an hour

one morning, I decided to run the hill and Anzac walk. it was tough. I was out of breath, and my legs burned… but the endorphin rush was amazing

so this became my new ritual

a week passed, and I began to dread going. I was associating pain with my walk and run

but, being as stubborn as I am, I decided to push myself again. upon returning I was surprised. It had taken me 57 minutes… I was only 3 minutes quicker than if I’d enjoyed myself and taken in all of the majestic sunrise had to offer

and I realised a powerful concept

Pain is supposed to be a reminder of things we shouldn’t indulge in… that you shouldn’t stick your hand on the hot stove…  or jump into a shrub of thorns…

daily tasks are not supposed to hurt beyond the point of where you associate pain with it. as when this occurs, people throw in the towel. it’s the sole reason so many people quit things that are good for them

they push too hard

be present this time of year. where many of you will set new years resolutions. pushing harder and going head first into ‘pain’ will not produce better results

you need to enjoy the process….
and know that everything in life is a marathon…
and not a sprint

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