Say No To Resolutions

There is no perfect time. You know this… And as the great Tony Robbins says – “How about NOW being the best time to start”

You’re about to be bombarded…
You’re about to be inspired to want to change your life….
And you’re about to take no action on that – you’ll do nothing but think about it

As soon as that clock strikes 12pm tonight… there’s something special that swirls in the air. Something infectious that overwhelms all of us and sets us up for naught but failure and another year that’s exactly the same as the last

But not you. And not this year. You will say no to resolutions – and you will say yes to these three powerful mindsets that will see you reach your goals and desires

Focus on Creating Habits

If your goal is to lose some weight, don’t focus on the weight. Instead focus on making better choices with your foods and drinks… begin exercising a little bit each day… and focus on creating a lifestyle

Nobody is perfect… and no one ever wins from going all out from the start. It’s not sustainable, and that’s why many often fail. Success and results come from consistent effort over time… and when you go guns blazing from the beginning, you burn out and leave disheartened

So instead, accept this is a marathon. And focus on creating the habits that will see you through to the end

Always be One Step Ahead

I’ve written previously on this topic in an article called “Celebrate

You cannot ever focus solely on where you are going…
As then you lose sight of the next step…
You arrive, only to find there is nowhere else to go

And all of your momentum and drive is lost to the past

This is NOT A Part Time Thing

Consistency is KING. If you match that with hard work, then you get an interesting result…

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines. Practiced every day”
– Jim Rohn

And that right there, is the honest truth

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