The Race To The Bottom

Power comes in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. And we are all driven by the desire for a different kind…

The worst of which is possibly the desire of overtaking the car just in front of you… the desire for that power to be ahead

Maybe it’s instinctual. Perhaps a deep-seeded human need that we love to feel.
But when did competition become more sought after than cooperation?

When did it begin to make you feel better by putting others down… and constantly being better than them

I think I missed that memo…

When did we begin to value being the first up the ladder… only to ascend ever higher at the quickest speed without thought of others welfare – more than we value getting up the ladder to help others come up after us

It’s lonely at the top when your eyes are solely transfixed on getting their first. You don’t know it – but you’re really racing for the bottom

Not every race needs to be won…
Not every race needs to be run

And if you’re the type of driver who overtakes others just to get in front…
Just to feel that subjective sense of childish ‘power’…
And win the senseless ‘race’…

You’re a dick – of the worst kind


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