Do You Eat The Marshmallow

It sits on a plate on the table in front of you
Staring at you…
Tempting you…

A lonely, defenceless marshmallow

You’re hungry. Do you eat it?

Yes, or no…

What if you knew that if you didn’t eat it you had the chance to get a second… All you need to do was wait for the man to come back with a second marshmallow

The catch? You’re left in the dark as to how long you’ll need to wait

You’re still hungry. So do you wait for the second one? Or do you simply consume the first…

Out of 600 young kids, only a small minority could wait. Back in the lat 60’s and early 70’s they ran an experiment like this… and they followed up with those kids thirty years later

The results? They’ll astound you… the small minority who could wait, who could delay gratification… they were far better off. In their jobs, their relationships, their life in general

The ability to delay gratification is one of the most powerful habits you can create and hold. In today’s society we want everything yesterday. And then we want it now – right now

But if you can hold off…
If you can focus on doing the work without the instant reward…
Than the award that awaits you is far more than you ever imagined

So. Do you eat the marshmallow?

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