Don’t Sell Out

Just the other day I was driving past a quaint little cafe

the story it portrays is one of a ‘we’re health conscious and new-age‘. you gather this from the decor, the name, and the menu… but for some reason – all the waitresses wear denim short shorts with their butt-cheeks hanging out

it’s a form of marketing… and I don’t think many of you realise this

now don’t get me wrong. Hooters used this ‘sex sells’ tactic to great effect. But they’re hooters…

and this quaint little cafe is not. Sure, you will get traffic and business because of this… and you’ll get some clientele who come solely for that…

but here’s the story you’re really telling… hey, my product or service isn’t the best… it’s not helping me stand out… so I’ll use sex to sell

it’s a form of selling out. It’s a form of giving up. It’s a form of saying “this is too hard. I want it to be easier

and worse. it’s a form of reaching for instant gratification

you can sell out for money…
for more followers…
to become more ‘famous’…
and become a commodity…

but the worst thing is that you’re selling out on (hopefully) why you even began. you’re selling out on the reason to go into business

and no, it’s not to make money (hopefully). it’s to add value to people’s lives – as that’s all money is… a transaction for adding that value

and then, almost serendipitously, I received an Instagram DM last night… telling me to grow my followers by posting inspirational quotes… I was told that nobody cared about my copywriting tips and such

it’s a fair point. I accept the feedback and welcome it. It’s constructive. But I don’t give a shit. I didn’t begin it to grow quickly – to be viral

and it’s not going to become another Instagram commodity but not adding any value

if quotes were to come in they’d be sporadic… and original quotes or those from a select few people… and be overlaid on an original image

but at the moment it’s not my intention. It’s not why I began. It’s not my belief. I’m not going to make my account wear denim short shorts that let the arse cheek hang out…

because I’m not selling out on what I believe in. And neither should you…

as when you do. you’re selling yourself. and all that you are


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