The Brutal Truth

People hate disagreements. Do you?

Chances are, whether you like it or not… you are a sheep

Chances are you don’t like confrontation… But you love social proof. That feeling like you are a part of something. A sense of belonging. It’s only human nature

But does this need for wanting to feel loved and belong need to take you away from that which you truly believe?

I see too many people give up their own opinions too easily. And it’s all just for that sense of belonging… of having others like you

As if that is all that really matters…

But the funny thing is… when you won’t even fight for what you truly believe in… you lose the respect and sense belonging that you seek so much, from those who matter to you 

Ask yourself this question… “what important truth do many people disagree with you on

Personally… most people believe that they need others and to belong, but the truth is the complete opposite. You don’t need others… when you find comfort in silence and solidarity – you find yourself

Six months living and traveling Europe solo solidified my belief in this truth. With naught but books to read, and amazing cities to explore – I found myself

I believe most people are sheep. I believe we give too much power to others thoughts and approval. And I believe that you must first be able to accept and understand yourself before you can do that of others

What do you believe with all of your being…
What truth lies deep down in your soul, that only you know…
What is something that would side you in the so-called ‘minority’…

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”
– Mark Twain

There is no need at all to be like the majority
Find comfort in the silence
And find truth, beauty, and yourself in the solace

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